السبت، 30 يونيو 2012

The heart abusing and harassment

“I believe in you, it is a statement he used to say and it used to calm me down, I actually remember The very first and last time he said it, I have a picture for it in my head in every detail, the way he said it, the way he was setting and I was standing with that look in my eye, the place, the light, even that dress I was putting on me, I remember every little tiny thing “
This one is not my lover, or dreamer, or even my ex, he is not one of my friend, or acquaintances or even my family, also I don’t think that he knows my brother, He is my abuser!
Yes , my abuser ,, , I’m a girl who had an accident with harassment and abusing , I know it , I know how it feels like , I swear !
But it’s only not that kind that our law recently gave us -girls - the chance to go directly for a police station and make statement In order to punish the Offender,
It’s another kind we didn’t use to talk about, it is “the heart abusing and harassment “!
Ok, I know that many of you reading these words right know will probably say “this is crap “, she is just another one of who got dumped by her ex!
No this is not true because I wasn’t never in a relation I wasn’t ever someone’s girlfriend and specially that one!
How would he leave me if I wasn’t once his?!
I was just waking in my own bath and he abused my heart, maybe with a look, with a word, or a certain statement not any one could say to anyone doesn’t mean any thing to him.  This is a case, & this is the harassment, all the conditions of it were clearly found, with spiritual damage,
I mean, every body knows that the Moral and sensory damage is much more painful than the physical one,
that the victim in the physical harassment cases subject to several  successive sessions of Psychotherapy in order to get over her Internal deep pain and to heal that dark Gap that the abuser have already made in her soul & heart .
Why would we then underestimate it? , is it has any relation to the society ideology? , I don’t think so, cause that kind of punish is not around in any country or place, not only in the Middle East! , also it has no relation of being some one, or –me- being romantic or emotional person, I’m taking logically.
If that was a harassment crime with all its conditions and with a sensory damage deserve a therapy, why would not the offender get the kind of punishment that he/she deserves?!

Some people just there lives stops because something like that, and some people turns into freak emotional Creatures seeking revenge, and some just lose their appetite for life again even some came to Suicide , doesn’t that deserve a punishment if the abuse and harassment were proved ?!!

I’m just a brain with theory , could be wrong and could be right , but her is that , I can’t never ever in my life forget about and Egyptian actor called “Ahmed Zaki” in one of his remarkable movies إضحك الصوره تطلع حلوه""
Or “Laugh and the picture will be beautiful“ when he was a photographer & father for a girl in love with her mate in collage but there was that socioeconomic gap between them which made the boy’s father refuse there marriage and force him to marry another girl , but when the real girl
 -Daughter of photographer- knows; desperately try to kill her self!
At this moment her father just felt that his only precious thing in the world is fading between his hands with nothing to do about, so he left his daughter in the hospital and went to the boy’s weeding as a photographer and said his magical words which I believe so much in it, to the level that I can relay on to prove my theory!
He just went directly to him and slapped his face harshly, “when I first let you in my house I trusted you, and believed you when you said that you were in love with my own daughter and that your family won’t ever refuse a thing for you, and you want to marry her.
I believed you, because I believe in you respectable people!
I ‘m not here tonight to spoil your wedding, I’m just here to say that the WORD in it’s own self is a contract, the LOOK is a contract, even “I love you “is the biggest contract ever “, you can’t do any thing of this and just walk a way, you can’t, you made a holly precious deal!” he said to him.
That’s my crystal clear point, “stop expecting from the victim always to get over and forget the pain, for god sake it’s PAIN , and let the other one having fun forgetting what has he/she have done in people lives , which is completely unfair !
I’m saying “every one make damage deserve to get the equal punish, whatever that damage was physical, Moral or sensory, and I’m saying that the harassment could be on several levels but only one of theme requires the punishment and to accuse him/her as abuser “.

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  1. مش عارف هو اناالوحيد هنا اللي بيقرأ كلامك وبيعجبني

  2. تقريبا هو واضح كده .. بس طبعا شكرا على متابعتك و حاجه تبسطنى جدا طبعا ان كلامى بيعجبك :))